Helpful Hints for Your Next Move From Michael Brooks Moving in Merrimack, New Hampshire


As a full service company, Brooks Moving offers packing materials and/or packing services to all our customers. Our professional team of movers will pack and prepare your home in one day in most cases. Even though moving your entire household seems like an enormous task, we here at Brooks Moving are ready to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to ensure your packing is done right and your possessions are safe.

Be sure to have every box clearly marked on at least two sides. Know what you have in each box, as well as know what room each box should go in. If possible, try to designate one room in your new home where you can put the majority, if not all of your boxes. In doing this, you ensure that you will have plenty of room to reassemble your beds, and that each room is user ready. After all isn't it much easier to move around in a room without boxes in your way?

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What box(s) You Should Use:
1.5 (small boxes):
3.1 (medium boxes):
4.5 & 6.1 (large & ex- large boxes):
5.2 (dish pack boxes):
Box Size 1-Bdrm. Apt 2-Bdrm. Apt 3-Bdrm. Apt/House 4-Bdrm. House 5-Bdrm. House
1.5 (Small) 30 32 34 45 57
3.1 (Medium) 11 12 16-17 20 42
4.5 (Large) 8 9 16-19 21 24
6.1 (X-Large)
3 3 5-6 8 10
Wardrobe 1-3 2-6 5-7 6-10 7-12


The customer (shipper) must select one of the following options prior to the start of any packing or moving service. Option A & B can be selected the day of your relocation.

A. Standard Liability: The carrier is only responsible for $0.60 per pound per article. There is no charge for this option. (This option can be selected the day of your relocation). In order to get compensated for the value of your shipment and not for its weight you must choose from the following two options:

B. Declared Lump Sum: The carrier is responsible for the current market value of your item(s) (depreciated value) minus a $250 deductible. For this option the shipper must declare the total of the shipment, with minimum of $1.25 per pound. The carrier's total liability for loss or damage may not exceed the amount the shipper declares as the value of the shipment. The charge for this option (B) will be $10 PER $1000 valuation, with $250 deductible. Example: a shipper transporting 10,000 pounds must purchase coverage at a minimum of $12,500 ($1.25 per pound) with a rate of $10 per $1000 valuation; the charge for this will be $125.00. Carrier will apply depreciation to any claim made under this option.
*** The minimum declared shipment value under declared lump sum (option B), is $7000.00.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Valuation coverage is not insurance. Valuation is a tariff level of carrier liability in the event of loss or damage of your goods while under due course of transit of Brooks Moving. This type of coverage is unique to carriers (movers) alone and therefore it is important for customer to understand what valuation does and does not cover.

Coverage Exclusions:

Please note that articles of “extraordinary value” will not be covered. The shipper is responsible for notifying the carrier of any items worth more than $100 per pound (items such as collectible art, furs, antiques, jewelry, collections, or other precious items). These items must be claimed separately on the “High Value Inventory Form”, and may not be eligible for declared lump sum valuation. Also note that any items packed by owner (PBO) may not be covered under the shipper's coverage option. The carrier is not responsible for improper packing of articles. Any items that are not packed and unpacked by the carrier are the sole responsibility of the shipper. The shipper is responsible for inspecting the shipment before signing that all goods have been received in good order.


Claims for damaged or lost items must be filed with BROOKS MOVING within 72 hours. The carrier reserves the right to examine all damaged item(s). The carrier also reserves the right to first have all damaged item(s) repaired. If the shipper receives monetary compensation the carrier is entitled to keep the damaged item(s).

Higher valuation applies to all items in transit only and does not apply to items placed in temporary or permanent storage. In such an event the carrier's maximum liability is $.60 per pound per article or according to the shipper's specific storage contract. With a deductible, you assume the first $250 of loss or damage. Depreciation is a factor in determining the value of the lost or damaged item.
Claims are settled via BROOKS MOVING choice by:
a) Repairing the item(s) or
b) paying full cost of repairs (minus any deductible and depreciation) or
c) Paying the current market replacement value of the item (minus any deductible and depreciation).

The day of your relocation be sure to read the “Contract Terms and Conditions” listed on the back of the contract.

Examples of Goods Depreciation for Option B Coverage:

Article Depreciation First Year | Subsequent Years | Total Depreciation
Clothing 30% 10% 75%
Linens 20% 20% 80%
TV (picture tube only) 25% 25% 75%
Furniture (upholstered) 10% 10% 80%
Children's Furniture 20% 20% 80%
Important Note: Valuation coverage is not insurance. Valuation is a tariff level of carriers liability in the event of loss or damage of goods while under due course of transit. This coverage is unique to carriers alone and therefore it is important for the customer to understand what valuation does and does not cover. For more information, consult your contract.